Our Search Results for Dinghy Tow Vehicles

Then the Dinghy Tow Car Saga Continues 

Part 3 in the search… Our Search Results for Dinghy Tow Vehicles

When we found that adapting the 2009 Rav 4 to dinghy tow, I started doing more research.  We are approaching 100K miles on the Rav, so maybe before investing so much money to adapt it, we should look around and see what else is out there. Our Search Results for Dinghy Tow Vehicles

Used Vehicle Options for Dinghy Tow:

We, of course, saw more Jeeps, but that isn’t an option or we would have kept ours.  We looked at a few year old Suburu that had been adapted to tow, but it looked like the guy used it as a pick up.  It was pretty beat up, so no.   We checked remcotowing.com when we thought we found something we liked.

Then I found the Dinghy Guides, free on the internet, and started looking.  There were a few newer vehicles that got pretty good gas mileage, so we started hitting the car lots, with my 2018 Dinghy Guide printed out list.  One of the challenges was that some of these had to be manual transmission, and guess what … dealers don’t really carry that in their inventory.  One told us they just would not order them, even though they do exist.  My comment back to him was, well I guess you don’t want to sell me a car … goodbye.

Our search took us to the local lots for Nissan, Ford, Toyota, and Chevy.  There are others of course, but those were our preferences.  Our Search Results for Dinghy Tow Vehicles was not an easy task.

New car had to be burgundy, tan or black of course!

The other challenge in going this route is that the dealers really don’t know anything about what can/can’t be dinghy towed.  I made them drag out the owner’s manual and verify that the car we were trying to purchase actually could be flat towed.   And I did get a few chuckles when they asked me what color I was looking for, and I said it had to match our motorhome 🙂

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