White Cloud Campground, Tahoe National Forest, California

white cloudAnother local camping site

White Cloud Campground is a Forest Service Campground located on Highway 20, 12 miles east of Nevada City.  I knew with our motor home, we would be taking a chance with a Forest Service campground, but decided to give it a try since the site said it was 40’.  We wanted to escape the Sacramento Valley for the weekend this summer.   It looked nice online.

But will we fit?

We arrived to be greeted by our very nice camp hostess Pat, telling us she didn’t think we would fit. But we decided to give it a try. It was tight, and we couldn’t get totally level, but we did fit. The trees could have been trimmed better and it would have been easier. Yes, the rig is tall.
We did take off one of the vent covers with the tree branches.

Trees knocked off a vent cover


Once past that stress (along with motor home & tow vehicle issues), we did have a nice time.   The plus side of this campground is that is is camping, not just an RV park.


White Cloud Campground

The campground is at 4200’, so it was cooler than the valley. Tall pines surrounded us, and it was pretty quite, other than Hwy 20. But that didn’t really bother us.

Being a Forest Service campground, of course there were no hook-ups. But our rig works pretty well dry camping for a few days. The only drawback is we can’t run the fan and my c-pap machine all night on the battery. Working on a solution for that now as there are places we want to go and don’t want to worry about having to have hook-ups.  We have yet to figure out why the multitude of batteries we have go dead so fast!

White Cloud Campground Site 19

The price is right – only $24/night – and because John has the disabled pass for federal parks, our rate was half of that.   The campground is closed in the winter.

As for things, to do, it is a ways from everything. However, the Pioneer Trail stretches 25 miles through the Tahoe National Forest and can be accessed from the campground.  People use it for horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking. Scotts Flat Reservoir is 6 miles from this campground. We took a drive down there to check out the campground. Pretty small sites and packed with people and cars. After that, we took a drive into Nevada City, another fun town to wander around.

We enjoyed it, but not sure we will go back. The sites were a little too small for us.  But we did buy a pole saw for the motorhome after that trip – LOL!  We did make note of sites that looked like they might accommodate us. We stayed in site 19. 45 looked like it might be good also.

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