Braking Systems for Dinghy Towed Vehicles

Braking Systems for Dinghy Towed Vehicles
– who knew it could be so complicated!

Braking Systems for Dinghy Towed Vehicles
Roadmaster Brakemaster

Braking Systems for Dinghy Towed Vehicles.  In the middle of all the setting up of the vehicles for towing, we were trying to find a second set of wiring for our old Roadmaster Brakemaster.  We found out when researching that it didn’t have all the parts it should (oops- rookie mistake!), and decided to search out something new.  Because the Ford F250 is so heavy, we wanted to make sure we had something really good and dependable, plus something that is easy to switch between vehicles, as we are towing both, depending on where we are going to.

What we found in Braking Systems

When we were wandering through Camping World, we actually found a service person who had some knowledge and shared with us that the systems we were considering (a newer Brakemaster, or the Invisabrake) were being discontinued.  The better option was the Roadmaster Breakmaster 9100 or 9160, depending on our motorhome.  He explained that in our case with air brakes, it would use the motorhome air to brake our tow vehicle.  And even better for us is that it ended up being less expensive to do this and with the second vehicle kit, it will work in both vehicles.

Roadmaster Breakmaster Air Braking System

Our first hurdle was that our 2018 Chevy Equinox is new, therefore they did not have the seat bracket adapter for the airbrake to attach to.  But we went ahead and ordered everything for both vehicles.  The second hurdle, installing everything.  We have an Auto Repair Shop, so we had one of our mechanics do it.  It can be pretty complicated, so if you are not so mechanically inclined, we suggest you have someone install it for you.

What we Learned Going Through This Process

There are two to chose from, one if you have air brakes on the motorhome, and one if you do not.   These systems use the braking system on your motorhome.  They have the breakaway, and you can order the second vehicle kit instead of ordering two whole systems.  You just switch the brake between vehicles.  Everything else stays in each vehicle.  And it’s small enough it isn’t that big of a deal to switch.  We love it!

Rather than get too complicated here, check out this Roadmaster link for more details.  Below are links to both options on Amazon.

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Braking Systems for Dinghy Towed Vehicles