Death Valley

death valleyDeath Valley

As neither of us had been to Death Valley, it seemed like a good idea to take that route from Lone Pine to Pahrump so we can check it off the “places to visit” list.  And RV Trip Wizard put it as our route, with an ! which said there could be some dirt road.  Well, let me say, it was a hold lot more.  I should have done more homework before heading out.  Lesson learned!

We happened to pick a hot day, as you can see by the photo.  And there are numerous summits and steep declines.  I do not recommend it for RV’s, especially during hot weather.  The pass road was quite narrow, and we had to stop several times going up the grades to let the engine cool down – even though we have an F450.  We arrived safely in Pahrump later than expected, but we made it.