Palacios Texas

Palacios TexasPalacios

After leaving Rockport, we headed for a short drive to Palacios Texas, and stayed at Serendipity Bay RV Resort.  Palacios is a small and quiet town, a lot smaller than I realized.  We did drive around town and looked at the area and stopped at the local Ace Hardware to pick up a few things we needed.  It didn’t seem like there were too many local eateries open on a Tuesday.

We did see another park that looked good also – Bayfront RV Park & Marina.  It is much smaller and I don’t see much online about it.

Serendipity Bay RV Resort is ok – the site is gravel.  It is a weird setup, having us back into a site from the parking lot as it is a dead-end road, and going at an angle the wrong way of the road.  But we did it without any angry words, LOL.  We have full hookups and cable, and the pool and laundry facilities are very clean.

They do have a lot of rules, but I guess rules can be good in many cases.  I saw a lot of complaints about it online.  We were concerned as our site only fits our 5th wheel, which I was very clear about how long and wide it was when making reservations, but our truck doesn’t fit in the site.  And since our 5th wheel tailgate broke, it along with a few other items are sitting in the back of the truck, so we don’t want the truck sitting too far away from the site.

We did go into the office and ask if we can just park in the empty spot next to us (which it appears others are doing), but we wanted to be sure as in the flyer we received, there is a fine for doing so.  They were very nice and said they were ok with this.

They do have good places here to throw in a pole and fish.  This is another fishing town.  They have a couple of piers you can fish off of.  The park also has wifi – which was kind of slow at our site.  And they have a fitness center, which we didn’t visit.