Rving around Grand Canyon Arizona

Grand CanyonGrand Canyon Arizona – South Rim

One of the main reasons I wanted to take our trip to Arizona is because I have never been to the Grand Canyon.  In fact, I’ve never been to Arizona at all.  Although we went a little late in the year – late October/November (had to worry about freezing and snow), we got lucky and had pretty good weather.

Grand Canyon
One of the many views at the pullouts on the drive

The South Rim is the only portion open in November, so this is where we are headed.  We opted to base ourselves in Flagstaff and drive ourselves where we wanted when we wanted.  This time of year this plan works, but I imagine during the busier times of the year,  it would probably not a good idea with the number of people that visit during the “tourist” season. We opted to make a “loop” drive, heading from Flagstaff up Highway 89, then 64 to the South Rim.  Lots of flat desert (did I mention, John has had enough desert to last him a while now).

Watchtower at Grand Canyon
Watchtower at Grand Canyon

It hits the Desert View Drive.  Our first stop was the Watchtower. We also stopped at a few different viewpoints, each of them having their own unique views.  Then we found all the people!  It was getting to be lunchtime, so we stopped in the Village and the

Inside Watchtower looking up

Market Plaza. Bright Angel Lodge was a neat lodge and has a restaurant also. We ended up at the Maswik Lodge for lunch – it had lots of choices.  A cafeteria, and pizza pub. Then we headed south on 64 out of Grand Canyon park and found a little town with food, stores, and even an RV park. We then cut across 180 and back to Flagstaff.   See the rest of our trip in this area here.

Drive back to Flagstaff