Shawboro near the Outer Banks, North Carolina

shawboroShawboro, North Carolina, near the Outer Banks

Our next stop after Hubert North Carolina was to see the Outer Banks.  We stayed at North River Campground.  This campground was pretty remote, about 10 miles from any grocery stores or anything, in the town of Shawboro.  There was a great little produce stand only 6 miles away, that had great peaches, corn and more.  It is a very quite and nice park.

The campground had a pretty nice set up, with a lot of the sites wrapped around a big pond.Shawboro

The owners were very nice and helpful.  They escorted us to our site and helped us back in.  All of the sites are doubled up with one a trailer back in, and one next to it for a motorhome to pull in forward.  The side you have open by your door is a long way to the next neighbor.  The lawns in the park were very nicely manicured, and it was really pretty with the trees all surrounding the park, and newer ones in the park.

The downside to the park was the only garbage was clear outside the entrance, and quite a walk.  They don’t pick it up in the park.  And the laundry room could have used some newer, little larger machines – and a few more for the size of the park.  The bigger issue was our Verizon had only one bar, so hard to hold a conversation on the phone.  And the wifi was pretty slow, but they did have good cable.
The park had a pool and Jacuzzi right off of the pond.

North Carolina Outer Banks

We took a very nice day trip to the Outer Banks from Shawboro.  It was about 45 minutes to get to them, but it was a nice drive.  Even found a winery along the way 🙂  We drove from Kitty Hawk down to Nags Head.  There is a great Visitors Center just over the bridge as you enter the area that gives you maps and the staff is very helpful.  It was a nice day, although we did find out that the water is a bit rougher and colder in this area, as compared to further south.  There are a lot of things to do in the area.