Virginia Beach

virginia beachVirginia Beach

After our stops at Hubert and Shawboro North Carolina, we moved up the coast to Virginia Beach.  We stayed at North Bayshore Campground.  This is another remote park, but not quite as remote as the last stop.  We have a cell signal and the free wifi is decent enough to blog and even watch Roku when the downpour/thunderstorm took out the DISH reception.Virginia Beach

We were not able to get full hookups, as the park was pretty full.  The sites are big and nice, although skinny to park in – between the utilities on one side and the wood deck on the other.  Plus we can’t put our steps out on the deck as they aren’t made to sit up that high.  Funny how these things made it so hard to park!

The morning we left to drive to this park, we had issues with our batteries going dead, which shouldn’t happen as we were plugged into shore power AND have solar.  We still don’t know why or what happened but spent too much time trying to figure it out.  Not a fun day.  One of the staff members at the park was great about helping us try to figure it out – a really nice guy, and we really appreciated his help!

Pavilion from our site

There is a lot of canals around the park, and sites backed up to them with boats.  Part of these are tents, but the RV sites appear to have more permanent setups.

The park is nice, and they have a pool and laundry.

One thing to note when making reservations,  there was a pavilion across from us, and they had live music Saturday night, which was understandable and fine. They also had something there Sunday morning.  Just make sure if this is something you don’t want to be near, don’t stay near the pavilion.  We went to the beach after trying to figure out the solar issues, so we weren’t around for the majority of it.



We visited the closer Sandbridge Beach the first day, along with running errands in the town of Virginia Beach.  There were a lot of people (it was a Sunday).

We visited Virginia Beach on Monday hoping to miss some of the crowds, and it was much better.  The beach itself is a very long beach with lots of hotels and condos along the beach.  But there is a great walkway and bike way along the beach, along with some places to eat.


Cape Henry Lighthouse

We spent the time and trouble to get onto base to see the lighthouses.  It was a hassle, and the instructions on where you can go (you are trespassing if not in an approved area) was a bit confusing, but we did get to see the lighthouses- old and new.

American Lotus

There is a park just down the road from our park that has a huge pond of the blooming flowers.  Really neat to see.